Making Marks Exercise 1

The work presented in the next few postings has been done over the course of the week. I have really enjoyed experimenting making marks, but found it quite daunting at first as I have not had a lot of experience with paper media. I started simply, restricting myself to HB pencil, then branched out into different pencils and graphite. I particularly liked the sharp marks, and discovered that for most other marks I am more comfortable holding the pencil on its side rather than a traditional pencil grip. I found ‘sensual’ the hardest word to illustrate, and the last attempt in the 3rd page below was inspired by a japanese calligraphy with it’s sweeping brushstrokes. This was harder than I thought to convey without ink. I am trying hard to avoid my usual ‘scatter-gun’ approach to experimenting with media and formalise my pages. I have found this extremely useful and have learnt a lot already. The images can be viewed at full size and zoomed by double-clicking on them.





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