Making Marks – Exercises 3 and 4

I’ve had a little look through some other students blogs, and am now worrying that I’ve got a bit carried away and produced a huge amount of work for each exercise. I feel I’m getting a lot out of it and following a timetable to meet the deadline agreed with my tutor, but am hoping that I have left enough time for the second project. Here is a sample of some of my favourite pages, mostly A3 size. The first couple are gouache drips and spatters on wet or dry paper. The linear drips were alternately wet with a water spray and dried with a hairdryer with gouache or masking fluid applied in between.


I have experimented with different papers, and particularly enjoyed the texture created with teabags.

With a lot of the mark making I have tended to get so involved with the process and textures, that I have not worked in a particularly expressive way (at least not consciously). With scraping of layered oil pastel, I had no trouble in this respect and loved the resulting samples.

I have tried a few relief methods such as wax resist with gouache (below), rubbing out pencil,  creating positive and negative images with chalk and oil pastels, and a wash off technique painting black waterproof ink over a white gouache design and running the dry work under water to lift out the design. This wax resist painting was inspired by an amazing sunset I watched on my way home from work.

Impasto and combing was a very effective way of creating texture. The green strip was repeatedly reworked whilst drying to get a rough surface finish.

I made some stamps with corrugated cardboard and string, glued with modpodge, and used with acrylic inks.

This was sponged, stippled and spattered with ink over a card stencil. As the stencil becomes more wet, it did tend to warp. This meant that early prints were cleaner. On the right of the page I used a stencil and it’s negative. At the bottom of the page I was playing with ink and a comb. I liked it so much I have done another couple of samples using this method. The stencil shape was improvised as I cut, and I was surprised how designed it appeared in retrospect!


2 comments on “Making Marks – Exercises 3 and 4

  1. susan17 says:

    As long as you are enjoying yourself and learning you can never do too much.

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