Confidence Crisis and Resolutions

Having read though the notes for Project  2 and reviewed my work on Project 1, I have had a bit of a confidence crisis this past few days. I think that my work has all been quite self referential and focussed on the possible techniques in each medium rather than using them to create representations of texture. I am going to do more work on the last exercise as I have made representations of abstract textures that I have created, rather than relating back to life or photos.

I recognise that I am more comfortable representing textures in life by creating more texture on the page, rather than flat representations of texture through marks. This is not a problem, and quite useful in selecting fabrics, but not so helpful when it comes to stitch selection. In reviewing well-known artists I have also realised that I have a strong leaning towards abstract rather than figurative pieces which isn’t overly useful in this project.

My plan from here is therefore to:

  • contact my tutor to discuss my progress so far, and for a bit of reassurance hopefully!
  • do more research of other artists, specifically on how they use marks to represent texture rather than technique in itself .
  • do some more work on the last exercise and make drawings of my textural pieces worked from photos.
  • use my sketchbook to practice using ‘flat marks’ to represent textures.

I think that this will help in being able to formulate the sample required in Project 2.


2 comments on “Confidence Crisis and Resolutions

  1. Holly,
    I just had my first tutorial after finishing the first assignment on this course. IMHO you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your work looks much more accomplished than mine!
    Well done, K

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