Circuit boards and lino cutting

I have had this circuit board for a while as I had thought of cutting it up and making jewellery from it. It has been on my mind that printed circuit boards could make a good themed sketchbook, so this was an exploratory initial sketch. I can see lots of potential for prints and collage.

I also bought lino and lino cutting tools. I know this is something we will be exploring a bit later in the assignment but I have been itching to have a go for ages. I approached this by first trying some mark making with the different shaped cutting tools, and found that the prints were more successful where the cut areas are fairly wide and the intact areas were not too big. This is my first attempt at a complete design, and I had Van Gogh in mind when I cut it. I found it quite difficult to get neat prints each time, but I think this part of the charm of hand printing over mechanised prints.


2 comments on “Circuit boards and lino cutting

  1. Janet D says:

    Hi Holly

    Where did you get the lino cutting tools? Did you get a speedball? I am looking at ordering some online shortly any tips you have would be great. I love the circuit board theme, it has so much potential in terms of shapes and colours. I also love the iron railing and roof top inspired work you have undertaken recently.


    • Holly Norris says:

      Hi Janet – we have a really good art shop backing onto our house and I got a set similar to the Speedball by Essoee with handle and 10 blades. Looking online you can get a basic set v cheaply from Art Van Go. I paid £23 for mine. Thanks again for your lovely comments!

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