Research Point – Homemade dress

For this post I decided to focus on a dress I made just over a year ago for our friends’ civil partnership. This is a photo of me in it, taken by a friend for a project she is doing on ‘Objects of Importance‘. The dress is a basic shift dress made with a fabulous cotton dress fabric designed by Alexander Henry, called ‘Home Sewing is Easy’. My attention was first brought to this fabric by a friend on twitter.

Image courtesy of Caroline Blake

Obviously I know how it was constructed and put together by machine and finished by hand, as I made it myself. I like the fact that the design is a sort of self referential pun as it refers directly to the processes involved in making it. I feel confident and proud when I am wearing it, and it appeals to my love of needlework, graphic novels (I collect comics) and is bold in its use of colour. It was made for a special occasion not possible in years gone by with friends of old, and the fabric was found by making new friends via twitter. With this in mind it says a lot to me about love and friendship in our society now, whilst referencing relationship dynamics of the past (“Look at the way she’s dressed. She must be throwing Harry’s money around”).

I think that when I am wearing it I appear more confident, as it looks bold and different. If anyone takes a minute to think about it, it should be obvious that I made it.  I don’t think it obviously alludes to my financial status, as dressmaking is considered an economical thing to do, and described as such on the fabric, but the irony is that it costs £13 per metre.  I love it and to me it is priceless.


4 comments on “Research Point – Homemade dress

  1. Jackie says:

    Fabulous dress, “you, look tops!”


  2. Nikki M says:

    Love the fabric. Where can I get some?

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