Project Five Overview

Overall, I have been pleased with the resulting work from this project. I feel that my selection of sketch source material was appropriate for further development, and it was interesting to watch the designs evolving into something quite different to the original sketch idea. The work in the design project helped me to look at my sketches divorced from their origins and see new ideas to take inspiration from. I have tended to stick to poplin cotton for developing my designs, as I wanted the results to be quite crisp, and the prints predictable in the way they came out. It was interesting looking at how different fabrics took up Procion dye when painted, and feel I have an understanding of how to use their various properties in the upcoming project. I was more interested here in exploring layers of printing and painting directly onto each other, rather than layering printed and painted sheers at this stage. This was purely driven by the ideas that I had.  I am having my usual panic that I could do more work, and explore a wider range of ideas, but I think that is normal. I have certainly spent more than the recommended time on each stage.

My favourite smaller piece was the red and black Bauhaus inspired piece based on a sketch of rooftops. As I drew and redrew the design I was interested in adjusting the placement of the lines to create a dramatic but unified composition. The simplicity of the colour scheme and the dark tone enhanced the drama of the piece for me. The spacing of the marks was fairly uniform to create a rhythm throughout the composition.

Taking my yellow, red and green sample as my ‘main’ larger sample, I thought that it worked well. The individual prints have remained quite distinct within the piece, emphasised by the difference in print quality between them. As I was developing the idea I became very interested in how the base yellow would interact with the background white of the fabric, and how this could be used to create a sense of unity and movement between the prints. I think there is a contrast between the fluidity of the yellow, and the very prominent positive images in red. The green lines were used for added vibrancy and to reunite the prints once the red was added.  I also really enjoyed the effects created by blending oil paintsticks into dried acrylic prints, and feel this adds a lot to the interest of the piece.


2 comments on “Project Five Overview

  1. Janet D says:

    I recall your interest in Bauhaus from a previous post and have added a link to an exhibition you may be interested in at the Barbican
    Best wishes,

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