Manipulating Fabric and 3D Forms – Preparation

I got my feedback for assignment two this week, and am absolutely delighted! I have some really positive and encouraging comments that have really boosted my confidence moving onto this project. I have been really looking forward to this project, and even more so now that I can incorporate skills learned over the past few months. In preparation for project 6, I spent a morning organising my fabrics. I already keep my stash in four main boxes – warm colours, cool colours, black and neutrals, and sheer fabrics. I cut a small sample from each and have made A4 reference colour group boards.

I am continuing to develop designs from my sketches as in project 4, and this page came from a photo of Clipper lighters on a market stall. I used a round sponge tip, the circular end of my OCA pen, and two small stamps cut from erasers to create these prints. I experimented with isolating shapes and abstracting them, and am very happy with the results, particularly the lower left of the page.

I took this photo of a fabric stall at the same market, and did an initial sketch in oil pastels, before a larger version in 2 ink colours. I chose it as I enjoyed the repetition of shapes and liked the idea of contrasting one area with another by portraying these similar shapes in differing ways through the piece.

I then made a collage of burgundy tissue paper on black paper with Modpodge, and applied pearlescent gold in a clear acrylic ink medium over the whole thing. A gold oil paintstick was applied to the lower half of the collage, blended under the rolls and left unblended at the bottom. I would like to use this as a basis for a fabric sample using gathering and applique.

I then took this photo of a peeling tree bark, and made a couple of gouache sketches. I selected an interesting area and reworked it in oil pastels on black paper. I was particularly drawn to the blue/greens against the red tones. The gouache sketch gave me the inspiration to seperate out the light blue and green, which I think worked well.

I then cut and wove a copy of one of the gouache sketches, and sketched it in soft pastels. I also played with the colours and marks in ink.

I’m particularl drawn to the oil pastel sketch here as it is full of energy and the colours work really well.



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