Analysing Colour and Texture

For this exercise, I have used a photo I was particularly drawn to from one of my Foto8 journals. It is one of a series entitled ‘Water Colours’ by Narelle Autio, and featured in Issue 25, Spring 2008. I was attracted by the colours, but also the fluidity of one colour bleeding into the next, interrupted by the bubbles and sand. The photo has an otherworldly, dreamy magic to it.

I started by recording the colours in gouache, and felt I did a reasonable job, although the proportions of earthy tones are slightly off meaning that my representation is lighter overall than the original source. It was interesting to see just how many tones of blue and green there are in the picture once you start isolating areas.

I then drew three vertical lines through the original picture, and used these as a guide to produce the yarn wraps so that I could properly concentrate on proportion as well as colour and texture. I used a wide variety of smooth yarns in subtly different tones for the water, and a a chunky alpaca gold yarn for the sand. For the bubbles I had a space dyed yarn in blues and white that works very well. The laceweight lime green yarn with fine loops was used to reflect the highly blended transition between colours.

I also made the water soluble pastel sketch with weaving as well as colour, proportion and texture in mind. Overall I found this a useful exercise in understanding how to translate visual source material into ideas for weaving.


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