Getting Back

Followers of my learning log may have noticed a rather large hiatus since my last post. This is partly as I have been struggling somewhat with my themed sketchbook and development, and I have been working in a more direct dialogue with the sketchbook making notes as I go, rather than reflecting here. I have also had the misfortune of an unexpected stay in hospital. A very frightening experience involving being unable to move from flat on my back for hours on end. I am happy to say that after almost a fortnight in hospital I have been discharged home, but tiredness and motivation problems have resulted in a slow return to the project in hand.

I had started a theme book on ‘Tea’, but my tutor was right that I had settled on an idea that I felt was within my grasp rather than challenging myself. In my third assignment I had explored the idea of creating a soundscape in textile manipulation, but hadn’t quite found a resolution. She felt that this was a much more exciting proposition, and I tended to agree. The problem with chosing this topic is that I have had to put a lot of work into finding sketch ideas for a non-visual, somewhat abstract topic. My approach has been quite methodical and formal, and I feel a little stilted and forced. In the next posts I will document what I have done thus far, and hope that this process will in itself help me find a distance from it and re-engage in a new direction.


One comment on “Getting Back

  1. Janet D says:

    Glad to see you back and feeling better.

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