Sound sketchbook cont.



Whilst researching soundscapes and visual representations of sound, I came across this project, whereby various ambient recordings were made and used to create a 8 or 16 channel soundscape composition despicting an imagined enviroment. The website features a spectogram analysis of a section of the piece, which I have reinterpreted in applque and stitch in this small sample.


Having spent time thinking a lot about shape and form, I wanted to explore colour inspirations for my piece. As a doctor, my first thought was related to neurosciences and how we perceive sound. In a disorder known as synaesthesia, the brain interprets input from one sense as another. The most common example of this is being able to ‘see’ sound. During my recent hospitalisation I had my own experience of synaesthesia, where loud noises caused my central vision to distort like a large drop causing a circular ripples to the periphery (rather similar to my last sketch)  followed by intense tingling on the tip of my tongue. I research sound/vision synaesthesia and found a few artists who experience music as colours. I have scrapbooked a page based on this. Kandinsky was also thought to be synaesthesic, and in some of his colour composition, his stated aim was for people to be able to ‘hear’ his paintings. A frequent description was of bass notes appearing in deep purple, and electric guitar sounds in a buttery yellow. I thought that these would be a good combination in my piece as opposites on the colour wheel.


This was my sketch inspired by this reading. I had also had a look through all of my work so far from previous assignments and liked the energy in my gouache experiments with knife painting. Here I mixed the purple hue directly on the paper with the palette knife, and the resulting flecks of red and blue worked quite nicely.