Sound Sketch Development


I had a look through my work from previous assignments, particularly colour and mark making to ge ideas on how I could inject some vibrancy into my work. I was particularly pleased with some pieces I had made before by combing inks. Having done this I made a couple of sketches of waves that worked well.


During this time I also attended the Knit and Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace. There I had lots of inspiration on yarns I could use, such as these spun sari silks and viscose gimp samples. I worked a new felt sample shown in the photo below, which indeed have more vibrancy and maintained the feeling of sound as the source inspiration.


From here I had a look again at structure. I have been thinking about some African tribal beaded jewellery, with long almost floor length strings of beads hanging centrally down the front like a fragmented panel.


The next suggested step in this assignment was to make larger scale drawings based upon pieces in my sketchbook. I took a section from my waved ink sketch and came up with this design.


In the course of researching this project, I happened across the work of Martin Klimas, a photographer who has photographed drops of paint on acetate placed over a speaker playing loud music, The drops dance in the air creating a visual expression of the sounds. I made a couple of large painted sketches based on these photos.


I then spent a day monoprinting with acrylic paint, drawing waveforms and adding splashes of colour, trying to marry these two main sketch ideas.



The final piece I came up with is below. I liked the way the waves were unfurling, tighter in the top left corner, becoming looser towards bottom right.


Looking back over my work after a break from it, I am truly undecided whether to pursue this piece or give up on it entirely and start again. Every step has seemed forced and a struggle, and I fear that by pushing myself too hard, I will end up with a final piece that I am not completely pleased with. I am keeping a number of themed sketchbooks that have developed in a more organic way, without me even thinking of them in terms of theme books. Would I be better following up with one of these and execute something cleanly that might be a bit more boring?

I am going to contact my tutor for advice at this point, and put forward alternative theme ideas. I think I know the answer though…


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