Soundscape Finale

I didn’t contact my tutor in the end. Having reviewed what I’ve done so far and taken a step back, I yet again have decided to push on. The fact that I’m struggling is indicating that I am pushing myself, and that’s how we learn. I made a new piece of felt to manipulate into  a sample, and decided the best way to mould it would be with modelling mesh attached to the reverse. I had considered heat reactive moulding mesh, but the problem would be finding a suitable shape to mould it over whilst heating. I thought that mesh would allow me to play with it a bit after construction. To give a neater finish and cover the sharp edges of the mesh, I wrapped the edges with ribbon before handstitching to the reverse of the felt. In the final piece, I have decided to use felt backing for an even neater finish.


Once I was happy with the initial small sample I set about making the final piece. I made a larger rectangle in felt and stitched over in metallic thread using my wavy painting as a guide.  I cut it partially into strips before applying the mesh in overlapping sections on the reverse. In moulding the shape, I took inspiration from a sketch in my theme sketchbook of pulsing soundwaves, and also the appearance of speakers. The finished piece does actually feel like a modern speaker. Having got the desired shape, I took a photo and drew a rough plan of where I wanted my couching to run. For this I referenced my final painting plan. I had it in mind that the gimp looks very much like guitar strings, and to me the tight coils were akin to the strings wound around the pegs on a guitar head.



So here it is:



The couching highlights the contours of the shape to a certain extent, and I hope also have a vibrating quality both in form and colour against the background. I have laid out the main work to show the progression through the design process, and I think I can demonstrate my thinking. I am concerned about presentation for assessment as the final piece incorporates a lot of separate ideas, rather than progression through a single line. Most of the development has also been done in my sketchbook, which means it won’t be displayed as one piece like this.



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