Final Monoprint Ideas

I thought I’d post a couple of prints that I have made along the way and not yet recorded. In response to my research on Lichtenstein, I was inspired to print my own version of his seascape using positive and negative prints of bubble wrap to represent the Benday spots. I used a series of simple masks to acheive the stripes.  The final result was quite pleasing, albeit in a different way to the original source material!


At the start of this module I said that I had treated myself to small etching press. I wanted to try printing monoprints with it, but only had a large glass plate – not a great idea with a press. A friend was throwing out some heavy plastic blinds, and I liberated a length of it to make a plate. I cut rectangles from the blind, snipped and sanded the edges, and scratched the surface with sandpaper to create a key. I then drew my design ino the plastic with watersoluble wax pastels. The design was based on the struts of a roof at Chatham Dockyard.



I used 300gm watercolour paper that had soaked in water to print. The plate was good for 3 prints until I redrew the plate for a further print. I used greaseproof paper between the plate/paper and the newspaper and blanket layers as I was a bit paranoid about (a) printing the newsprint on the watercolour paper, and (b) messing up the blanket. The action was smooth, but I had to be careful not to move the press as the handle was turned.  Care is needed to ensure that the two ends of the roller are at an equal height setting.



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