Further Monoprint

For my final example of mixed techniques, I chose to work from a sketch of a half pulled down brewery building in town. It had been taken down in sections such that a patchwork of outlines were left on the remaining wall. I then masked of a small area of the sketch for further development.



I tried redrawing this section in A4 format with gouache and watersoluble wax pastel overdrawing, but it wasn’t quite working in it’s existing form. I wanted to bring some brighter colour into it rather than sticking to neutrals, and took inspiration from my recent visit to Kaffe Fassett’s exhibition. I have a copy of ‘Glorious Knitting’ and referenced this pattern as colour inspiration.


By extending some lines and creating a patchwork of shapes, I came up with this acrylic ink design for the print. The added surface pattern was meant to help keep the two main shapes well demarcated.


The final print was printed a colour at a time, using a sketch beneath the glass as a guide for blocking out the shapes with a roller and silicone shaper. I was purposely not too strict about the exact lines, but paid care to achieve good registration and enjoyed the interaction of overlapping colour versus white gaps. I also used blockprinting medium alone to give a crisp bold colour with a more textured print rather than uniform blocks of colour. Finally, a few areas were carefully inked thinly and backdrawn.


I’m not completely sure how successful the backdrawing was, and wonder if it would have been better to enhance the pattern in the initial colour application.



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