Single Colour Linocut, Huts – Project 6

I have recently bought a beach hut on Portland Bill, a place I have enjoyed visiting since I was a child. Over the past decade I have visited the bill regularl and taken many photographs, pariculalry of the huts and fishing boats. I made this linocut based on a few sketches in my sketchbook. As you can see I made an embarrassing school-girl error that I had mocked when reading the course material initially. I didn’t even notice until the thing was printed! I have learned this lesson the hard way and hope I never do it again! All is not lost as I thought I could cut out the offending section and make a small correction relief block to either print separately or insert into the block.

2013-06-17 15.23.52

I went through the same process of drawing out the design on black paper, and drew several versions until I was happy with the design for the sky. I printed the block directly onto a second block to mark out the reverse image for cutting. As you can see, I made a few minor adjustments in the design and mark making, which I felt worked much better.

2013-06-17 18.03.33

For these cuts, I experimented using a lino substitute with a smoother rubber texture. The cutting is slightly easier without any tendency to crumble and no need to warm, but it is easier for tool slippage and accidental cuts to occur. When it comes to printing, I much prefer it to hessian backed traditional lino as it is easier to wash and dry properly. The prints are made on hot pressed Saunders Waterford paper.

I spent hours printing an editioned run, but still frustratingly failing to get that elusive perfect print. I seem to be using more ink than the artists I saw at Bovey Tracy recently, but my prints still appear patchy in places. I am thinking that practice makes perfect, but at times I have struggled with the repeated failures.

I would like to move forward by developing and cutting larger compositions, and explore different papers more. I have orders a discovery pack of papers as suggested by my tutor, but have had problems with the delivery meaning that I have had to wait a long time and may need to look elsewhere. I wuld also be interesting to see how my designs work when varying the colour of the paper and/or the ink used.



One comment on “Single Colour Linocut, Huts – Project 6

  1. Paul John Howlett says:

    This elusive perfect print I have realised is a misleading detour , Iv’e just seen part of a documentary about early 20th century lino prints and as the prices have gone up in this market the discovery of recent fakes , the experts found that the fakes were to perfect and flat whereas the originals had nuanced areas and inconsistencies in the printing

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