Blind Contour Sketching

To improve my drawing, I have invested in Mack Maslen’s book on Experimental Drawing, which includes a number of exercises as well as examples of artists work. A number of the exercises are variations on the theme of blind contour drawing, where the drawing is made without looking at what you are drawing, but rather the subject you are looking at or feeling. I have done a few of these, and moved onto to starting the sketch in this manner, and refining or highlighting details at the end. Below is a sketch I made in the pub (hence it is on the back of a quiz sheet with other doodles infringing on the border!) and another of a dressmaking model in my basement. I like the free quality of the drawings, and think the portrait worked particularly well. I struggle with noses, and approaching the nose as a contour map was effective. I was also particularly pleased with the ears and hair, that were all drawn blind.

2013-09-02 21.00.00

2013-08-28 10.08.35


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